Getting rid of bed bugs in your apartment

Bed bugs are a nuisance and a pain to get rid of. For apartment dwellers, there are special steps that should be taken and some important information that renters should be aware of before attempting to deal with a bed bug infestation.

Getting rid of bed bugs in an apartment is very difficult and takes time, but being prepared and informed can be a major help.

Apartment bed bug facts

There are some common misconceptions about treating bed bugs in apartments. Things that are not true and the real facts are listed here:

MYTH 1 (wrong assumption):
Bed bugs will die if they are “starved”, and do not have to be treated if an apartment is vacant for a long time, since they will die without hosts to feed off of. This is not true.

Bed bugs can, and often do, live for long periods of time without a blood meal. Bed bugs can survive for months and in some cases up to a year without feeding. Landlords are responsible for contacting an exterminator to treat apartment complexes upon notification of bed bug infestation, even if apartments are vacant.

MYTH 2 (wrong assumption):
Bed bugs in apartment buildings can only travel to other apartments within a complex if they are carried by a human on clothing or belongings.

FACT 2 : It is true that bed bugs are “hitchhikers”, and travel from location to location by attaching themselves to clothing, luggage, furniture, and personal items. However, this is not the only means of transportation for bed bugs in apartments.

Oftentimes bed bugs will navigate their way from apartment to apartment through cracks in interior walls or where there are holes for electrical wiring and plumbing. Bed bugs can quickly infest neighboring apartments, including any adjoining apartment beside, above, or below the infested apartment (bed bugs can crawl on ceilings).

For this reason, an entire apartment complex needs to be inspected and treated for bed bugs even if they are just discovered in one apartment. You don’t want a single bed bug survive in your apartment, especially a female bed bug. They can leg eggs and your bed bug problem will start over again.

Tenants and landlord should work together to get rid of bed bugs

Because you are in an apartment, there are specific procedures that should be followed:

  • Your landlord is responsible for contacting a licensed pest control professional and having them inspect and treat your apartment building.
  • The tenant is responsible for contacting your landlord and notifying them of the issue as soon as you discover that bed bugs are present.
  • Landlord should not rent the room anymore until all bed bugs are killed in the entire apartment

Getting rid of bed bugs in your apartment

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