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Where do bed bugs like to hide?

Don’t think bed bugs only hide in the bed. Just because they are called bed bugs doesn’t mean they only hide in your bed.

Bed bugs can hide anywhere in your room. They prefer to stay close to their prey (that’s the human body). They like to hide in the wooden material.

Bed bug can hide in

- cracks
- electrical outlets
- behind wallpaper
- picture frames,
- between beds and mattresses
- Clothes
- Shoes
- Clock
- Modem

How to spot bed bugs in their hiding places?

Besides your bed, look beneath loose wallpaper, in desks, and nightstands for bed bugs.

Using a flashlight carefully inspect for bed bugs at night. Remove clutter and clean up your room to find those bed bugs easily. Reorganize your furniture. Inspect backside of your paintings.

Use a brush to remove dust, and you can find bed bugs in cracks and crevices.
When you find them spray immediately with bed bug spray. Use a vacuum with he-pa filter to suck them out.  Immediately seal the bag after vacuum and throw it away outside

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