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Bed Bug Is Becoming A Pandemic. Millions of household in North America have bed bugs now. How did you get bed bugs? How to kill bed bugs. Find the answers about bed bugs here.
This is a webiste created by a bed bug sufferer, whose got many sleepless night to fight against bed bugs.
Here you can find information about how to kill bed bugs, how bed bugs look like and how you can save your expensive furniture so you don't have to make a new purchase.

All the information here are collected from other bed bug sufferers who had the same problem.

So You Have Found Bed Bug in Your Mattress

So you have found bed bug in your bed. Not one, but hundreds hiding inside the mattress, your bed frame. Yes, bed bugs like wood, especially your wooden bed frame.

That’s the best place for them to hide and lay eggs. It’s a warm and cozy place for bed bugs to multiply quickly. Once you’ve got two bed bugs, it will become hundreds everywhere in your room.

Bed bugs come out at night when you are sleeping. Sleeping together with the bed bugs is a nightmare. They make you have many sleepless nights. The lack of sleep by bed bugs is far worse than dealing with other insects.

Bed Bug Infestations Increasing Worldwide - How to Stop Them?

These bed bugs are tiny little bloodsucking crawling insects that come out at night to attack humans and they’re back in great numbers in US, Canada and around the world.

How to kills bed bugs in your mattress?

First thing you should NOT do: throw away your mattress .

If you throw away the mattress outside, bed bugs can walk into other house or someone else will take your mattress away. It will only multiply the number of bed bugs into different house holds.

It isn’t just you mattress that can become infested. Every miniscule crack in the bed frame is a hiding space for bedbugs and eggs.

These are the steps that you should to clean your mattress from bed bugs:

  • Vacuum
  • Sanitize every inch of bed frame
  • Spray rubbing alcohol into every crack in the frame (this kills the eggs),
  • Tear a hole in the mattress box-spring (somewhere inconspicuous)
  • Completely clean out the inside, every little inch, and sanitize it with alcohol.

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Why Bed Bugs are so difficult to kill?

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